CIPAC Members, MERCL Partners and all who love Israel and America,
As I watch President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo and other U.S. officials at the U.N. General Assembly opening in New York, meeting their colleagues from around the world, it came to me that We the People must act at once to instruct them as the video message of this alert explains.

There are many reasons (or excuses) for why few nations have followed the U.S. lead in placing their embassies in Jerusalem. But only one action will change their course: you and I must contact the White House, and our overseas contacts, at once, by telephone, email, text or tweet, to urge our president and leaders of other countries to follow the U.S. lead at once and place their embassies in the eternal, Jewish capital of the reborn state of Israel.

Let’s insist the president and other US Government types in NYC at the UN this week get this done by buttonholing their colleagues from the UK, Canada, EU and other nations to stop procrastinating and declare that their embassies are in Jerusalem now, using existing buildings, without any delays, as president Trump did more than a year ago! Then they will be blessed as America has been over recent few years – by blessing Israel resolutely.