The Middle East Research Center (MERCL) is carrying out an extensive study that will analyze the impact of Israel’s aid to Africa. Over the years Israel has created multiple agencies to facilitate the sharing of Israeli expertise and training with the developing nations of Africa. The study will shed light on the humanitarian and technical assistance Israel offers to numerous developing nations. The study is expected to take approximately 90 days to complete once the funds are secured. It will require the employment of three researchers and a translator and will produce an extensive report detailing the benefits to the recipient nations and to the development and stability of the continent.

Background of the study

The study will describe in detail the work of Israeli agencies including MASHAV, IsraAID, the Ofri Center, and economic aid designed to improve the lives of the people of South Sudan.

MASHAV is the Hebrew acronym for Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, which trains the citizens of Africa’s developing nations to develop and use a system of irrigation based on the world renowned system which has allowed Israel to become the most agriculturally advanced and prosperous nation in the entire Middle East, despite an inhospitable desert climate and a scarce water supply. Israel is thus able to grow more crops with less water, literally making the dessert bloom.

With advanced knowledge of efficient water use and agriculture resources, Israel sees an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of Africans by sharing its knowledge of irrigation and the most effective use of land and water resources.

Since it was founded in 1958, Mashav has taught the leaders of impoverished countries to more effectively preserve and utilize their own scarce water resources, thus alleviating the devastating effects of drought on the land and the people.

Our expert researchers will also make a thorough evaluation of the impact of IsraAID, an Israeli-based humanitarian organization that provides relief to victims of climactic as well as man-made disasters all over the world. The organization has been in existence for approximately fifteen years and has provided aid in the areas of search and rescue, emergency medical care, and a variety of other forms of humanitarian assistance.

IsraAID provides relief to anyone in need, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or political system. The millions of refugees forced to flee due to the tragic humanitarian crisis in Darfur have been a major recipient of IsraAid’s work.

Israel’s Aharon Ofri International Training Center provides educational opportunities aimed at improving the nations’ expertise in and utilization of cyber and other high technology to improve the lives of their citizens and the prosperity of the country as a whole. Aharon Ofri also provides instruction in the development of programs in drug abuse prevention, education for special needs children, higher education systems, teacher training, and much more.

The training center provides a chance for developing countries, particularly in Africa, to enhance and perfect their education systems from early childhood programs to university level courses.

Our MERCL study our will examine the efficacy of these programs as well as the tangible results to the individual recipient nations, their people and the continent as a whole.

As one example of Israel’s contributions, we can look at the new nation of South Sudan. Immediately after South Sudan declared its independence, Israel was among the first of all the developed nations to offer support in the form of economic aid.

Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli based charity organization, is another striking example of how a small nation, when motivated by a desire to spread its knowledge, expertise, and tangible monetary assistance can make a major contribution to less advanced nations. Save a Child’s Heart provides free lifesaving heart surgery to children throughout the continent of Africa and beyond.

Our researchers will also profile some of Save a Child’s Heart Foundation’s recipients to evaluate the human benefits Israel provides to its less fortunate neighbors.          

At this time when the international press has become a willing contributor to the false proclamations of Israel’s enemies who portray Israel as – a fascist state – an apartheid state – a bellicose nation that sows the seeds of enmity, bloodshed, and strife – or, in the words of Iran’s newly inaugurated “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani, “a wound on the body of the Islamic world…and the wound should be removed” Israel’s allies must promote a true portrayal of Israel to the world.

This study will do that. We will present an accurate depiction of the true Israel – a free, democratic, modern Western nation that, not only provides its citizens with a high standard of living, excellent health care, outstanding agricultural and ecological advancements and more. In addition, the true nature of Israel is that of a free nation that stands ready and willing to share its expertise to improve the lives of the citizens of all the nations of the world – including those who threaten Israel’s very existence.

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Estimated Costs

Total Cost – $50,000

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B.    Publication of Findings

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