Heart to Heart sustains a plentiful blood supply for the people of Israel by supporting Israel’s National Blood Bank. By giving a virtual blood donation, you are blessing Israel, saving lives, and fulfilling the biblical mandate of Genesis 12:3.
Save Israeli Lives when you donate to Heart to Heart through CIPAC & MERCL. Jonathan Feldstein and the American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA) are working hard to ensure the brave men and women of the IDF are given the treatment they need by providing blood during this crucial time. Not only this but they also provide much needed blood to the innocent civilians injured during this conflict.

For every dollar donated CIPAC & MERCL receives $0.22! This is an incredible opportunity to aid Israel in multiple ways during this increasingly hostile time.

If you have a heart for Israel, join us by clicking here to donate today!

summer2016-21The Koby Mandell Foundation aims to create a Jewish response to the impact of terror and tragedy— helping bereaved mothers, fathers,widows, orphans and siblings re-build their lives, and create meaning out of suffering.

Camp Koby is Israel’s preeminent therapeutic year round camp for bereaved Israeli children who have lost a loved one due to terror or tragedy.

Because of the wave of terror Israelis have suffered this past year, there’s been a significant increase in demand for therapeutic programs for children who have lost family members.

Camp Koby offers unique programs and a range of therapeutic activities that heal the invisible scars of the children and siblings of those murdered by terrorists and make them stronger. When you join us today, every donation will be DOUBLED.

healingartskitsHealing Arts Kits are designed by psychiatrists, emergency first responders, art therapists, artists, teachers and parents combining the most recent research and best practices in dance, drama, play and art therapy combined with the input of care-givers and on the ground medical personnel. Each Kit is intuitive to use either by the child alone or is heightened by specific, simple instruction for the adult. The items inside are deceptively simple, while seemingly just play, are specially created by this team to serve all parties affected by the trauma.  See video to learn more