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Background: Correcting the Myth

Know: The UN does NOT fund or direct UNRWA policies.

Know: UNRWA is virtually autonomous. UNRWA is funded by “donor nations,” not through the UN general budget.

Know:UNRWA operates with NO board of directors.

Know: UNRWA has NO external audit.

The Consequence

There is NO pressure for UNRWA to resettle refugees. There is NO pressure to improve its operation.

UNRWA perpetuates the misery of 5 million Arab refugees and their descendants,

UNRWA perpetuates “temporary” refugee camps, with promises of the “right of return” to villages that existed before 1948.

Donors provide funds for UNRWA. Donors have NO control over UNRWA spending. Donors do NOT KNOW where their donations go. UNRWA funding can get into the hands of designated terror groups who effectively control UNRWA operations.

Since 1988, the Center For Near East Policy Research has documented the misappropriation of Western Nations funds given to UNRWA for humanitarian relief. The lack of UNRWA transparency means that despite an annual ongoing budget of US$1.2 billion, the average Palestinian receives minimum benefits.

CFNEPR dispatches internationally recognized experts, who brief policy makers and legislators of donor nations concerning UNRWA policies. Themes of UNRWA policy briefings for leading donor nations include a call for:

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1. Audit donor nations funding of UNRWA.

2. Application of UNHCR standards to UNRWA, to encourage refugee resettlement.

3. Cancellation of the UNRWA war curriculum, one based on martyrdom and “right of return” by force of arms.

4. Cessation of paramilitary training in UNRWA schools.

5. Dismissal of UNRWA employees affiliated with Hamas.


1. Production: “UNRWA in Jerusalem,” a documentary proving incitement from UNRWA in Jerusalem as a significant component and cause of the current wave of terror attacks and rioting. 42% of the Arab students in Jerusalem attend UNRWA schools.

2. Filmed on location in Jerusalem at UNRWA facilities, the new film will be screened at special showings at the Knesset and major nations that donate to UNRWA – U.S. Congress, Canadian Parliament, U.K. Parliament and European Parliament. Paper presentations by UNRWA policy experts: Dr. Arnon Gross (UNRWA textbook reviewer); Lt. Col (res) Jonathan Ha Levi (Hamas takeover of UNRWA schools);

Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group director, Bassem Eid, (“UNRWA in violation of Palestinian human rights”- the Palestinian view); Dr. Einat Wilf and/or co-author, Adi Schwartz.

Examples of earlier briefings conducted in Washington D.C., Ottawa and London

can be found at:

התיכון המזרח מדיניות לחקר המרכז The Center for Near East Policy Research h#p://

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Film Production Budget:

Crew expenses: $32,000

Producer/ Director: $12,000

Producers: $10,000

Editor: $10,000

Filming and archival video: $15,000

Security: $4,000

Transportation: $2,000

Social media promotion on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter: $15,000

Office/Internet/computer/phones: $2,000

Total: $102,000 USD

Budget per presentation:

Commission experts: present papers at each venue ($5K x 4) $20,000 USD

Flights/Hotels ($3k x 4) $12,000

Press Promotion: $8,000

Administration, local Public Relations, on site arrangements: $5,000

Total $45,000 USD

Total amount needed:

$102,000 to produce a new film

$45,000 for each parliamentary visit abroad

Donation Avenue:

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The Center for Near East Policy Research

Tel. 972-2-623-6368

התיכון המזרח מדיניות לחקר המרכז The Center for Near East Policy Research

.ד.ת 71098 ירושלים , 94581 02-6236368